Google Adwords for your restaurant?

In the restaurant sector, it is not always easy to make yourself known and stand out from your competitors. Paid SEO with tools like Google AdWords can help you do this.

Google AdWords is indeed an excellent marketing tool to work on the referencing of your restaurant on the internet, and allow you to obtain very good results. Let’s see how and why….

Google Adwords for your restaurant

Why invest in Google AdWords?

To be anchored in the local geographical network

AdWords is a tool that allows you to create localized and personalized online advertising campaigns. You can use geographic and demographic parameters to refine the distribution of your ads in order to target only the residents of the region where your restaurant is located and who are likely to be interested. Good targeting is indeed one of the key factors for success inadvertising and marketing.

To stand out from its competitors

In restaurants, competition can be fierce, and it is not always easy to stand out. Online advertising can help you do this. With Google AdWords you can appear in pole position in Google search results made by Internet users. By focusing on the right keywords and writing relevant ads, you can even get the first position in the ranking of ads very easily and cheaply and thus stand out and stay ahead of your competitors.

To gain visibility and create traffic on your e-commerce site

“You will benefit from being known”, in terms of referencing, that‘s for sure! Be aware that by using AdWords, if you are well ranked you will appear above natural search results on Google. You will have a much better chance of being seen, of triggering clicks on your ads that will send more traffic to your restaurant’s website and allow you to develop your e-reputation.

Yes, but at what cost?

In theory, Google does not impose any budget on you. You can start with a 1€ per month; but you will have no return and no visibility with so little money invested.

At the beginning it should be known that the expense will be a little higher. There is a “test” period to plan which can take 1 to 3 months during which you will have to adapt your ad texts, the targeting of your customers (location, ages, sex,…) and the CPC auctions.

For the first few months, you can expect an envelope of 150€ to 300€ per month depending on the size of your restaurant.

Know that whatever the budget defined at the launch of your campaigns, you remain in control of your expenses and can adjust it at any time.

When to start?

There is no bad time to start on AdWords. The only constraint: to have a website.

Whether it is when you launch your restaurant brand, or much later, even if your site has already been in place for years, you can perfectly embark on AdWords advertising. However, it is important to check beforehand that your site is responsive and up to date, because otherwise you may be penalized by Google with more expensive auctions and sometimes even unplayed ads.

Please be aware that there is a simplified version of the platform, “AdWords Express”, that can help you get started smoothly and familiarize yourself with the support.

Why not use professionals?

AdWords remains a complex tool, it must be admitted, which can allow you to have very good returns on investment but it will take time: to familiarize yourself with the support at startup; but also daily to adjust the bids and settings of your online campaigns. Moreover, the Internet is a constantly evolving medium, which requires always being up to date.

So if you want to focus on your core business, there are agencies that specialize in paid referrals or SEAs that manage online advertising portfolios such as Instaon.

Note that while AdWords is THE platform for managing advertising campaigns on the Google network and its partners, there are others search engines such as Bing, who have also developed equivalent tools and are gradually gaining influence.